๐ŸŽ‡ What Programming Language to choose as a beginner?ยถ

According to myself Pulkit Govrani, you should choose Python over any other language if you are just starting to learn programming. Let me tell you the reasons that why should you choose it.

Python was developed around 1980s as a language which can be more readable, intuitive and easily. It has a pretty easy syntax (syntax means the way how a programming language is written). Python does a lot of complex functions inside it to make things easier for the user. It can be used in Machine Learning, Data Science and Web development as well. So it can be termed as an allrounder programming language. Letโ€™s look at the below example for understanding why Python is easier to learn.

This is how we can print โ€œHello Worldโ€ in C++ : C++ This is how we can print โ€œHello Worldโ€ in Java:

Java This is how we can print โ€œHello Worldโ€ in Python:


So I am pretty sure you must have made your mind till now that learning Python is both easy and beneficial for you.

About the Authorยถ

Pulkit Govrani is an aspiring Web Developer who loves to share his knowledge through various blogs and tutorials. He has solved lots of programming problems which has given him an enormous amount of learning. Now he is sharing it through various medium.