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This article is about politics (to those not interested in USA politics, sorry, this will be especially boring), but more importantly, it is about discovering the TRUTH. Today, in 2021, there are so many lies printed and published on the web that discovering the truth can be very difficult. Several years ago, I THINK in about 2014 and definitely before D. Trump declared his candidacy, I did a search on the web that led me to a very interesting article.

I cannot remember the exact terms I used in my search, but the question was generally phrased like this: What policies do present day Democrats share with the Eisenhower administration? I used both Bing and Google and the same result was first on Bing and second in the Google results. It was an article on the Daily Kos website that unfortunately, I can no longer find. Regardless, history has recorded the truth!

The article explained that the Eisenhower administration advocated and implemented policies such as Unemployment Insurance and other โ€œsocial policiesโ€ which are similar to current policies advocated by Democrats. Also, tax rates for the wealthy and for corporations were at the highest levels ever seen in the USA. Infrastructure spending was also a huge part of Eisenhowerโ€™s agenda.

Hereโ€™s how that all worked. Corporations and wealthy citizens contributed huge amounts to the Federal budget coffers. The government was in turn able to support less fortunate citizens, so that they were able to buy necessities and even had some left over for discretionary spending. The spending on infrastructure projects created many jobs of course and those newly employed people spent their money and paid their taxes as well. The less fortunate among us, those at least partially supported by the โ€œsocial policiesโ€ were able to buy products and services from businesses, many of which were wealthy corporations which were paying those high taxes.

One result of all this was that corporations realized that they had customers to buy their products and services, so rather than keeping the money they would have saved on tax breaks, as corporations do now, they invested in equipment (which had to be produced by other businesses) and supplies, and they hired tremendous numbers of people to help provide the products and services that they KNEW they could sell. Of course this all snowballed. They hired workers who then had jobs and could buy even more products and services. The businesses that supplied machinery, and materials to the corporations hired and invested too.

I hope you can see where this is all leading. The Eisenhower era enjoyed perhaps the most tremendous growth rate and prosperity of any time in the history of the USA. Corporations gladly paid the high taxes because THEY were growing and prospering.

Today, members of the same political party that supported those policies implemented by - the Eisenhower administration, say โ€œOh no, that will never work! We need tax breaks for the poor corporations and wealthy people!โ€ WHAT? It strikes me that I have discovered THE TRUTH here. Giving huge tax breaks to large corporations and the rich is not working. Those corporations and people do nothing but just keep the money they are saving. If the social programs are not supported, our less fortunate citizens, the ones criticized as lazy and worthless, do not have money to spend, so why would the big businesses hire anyone, or produce more goods or services? The polices NOW advocated by Republicans are not working and the policies supported by Democrats are the ones that the Eisenhower administration PROVED WILL WORK.

No, Democrats are not always right and Republicans are not always wrong, but as an ACTIVIST, I MUST speak the TRUTH and THAT is something we ALL need to keep in mind and LOOK FOR.

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Harley Armentrout is a happy husband and father, former silversmith, aerospace electronics prototype assembler, test, calibration & repair technician, also writing test procedures at BallAerospace. Then 21 years in the gaming industry, in a range of positions, culminated as a Gaming Inspector, observing and reporting on rules violations, safety issues and criminal activities for the Yavapai Prescott Indian Tribe. After โ€œretiringโ€ Harley taught himself a few graphic design skills, and he works as a freelance designer.