๐Ÿ‡ช๐Ÿ‡ธ Madridยถ

Madrid is a fascinating city, it is perfect for visiting museums, shopping, tasting its excellent gastronomy and it stands out for being the city that never sleeps, you can party in its liveliest neighborhoods or try delicious dishes in its most Famous.

Although it is true that the city offers endless experiences, we are going to show you the most emblematic places so that you know the most important things about this incredible city. So we have made a list of what we consider to be those essential places that you must see in Madrid.

1 - The Gate of the Sunยถ

In this square you can find several points of interest such as the symbol of Madrid, which is the statue of the Bear and the Strawberry Tree, but perhaps the most emblematic place is the Casa de Correos where you will find a small plaque that marks the kilometer zero of Spain, also you will see the equestrian statue of Carlos III.

2 - Main Squareยถ

This square is surrounded by important buildings such as the Arco de Cuchilleros, the Casa de la Panaderรญa and in the Bar la Campana you can eat its traditional squid sandwich.

Main Square

3 - The San Miguel Marketยถ

This is the largest meeting point with gastronomy and one of the most important markets in Madrid, it is characterized by its wonderful iron architecture and has more than 30 places where you can enjoy typical Spanish dishes.

The San Miguel Market

4 - The Town Squareยถ

This square is one of the few places that still retains its medieval appearance, its buildings evoke that time as the House and Tower of Lujanes and the House of the Villa.

5 - Almudena Cathedralยถ

This cathedral was built on an old mosque in the most important religious building in Madrid, it stands out for its huge dome and its stained glass windows that create a magical atmosphere. You can go up to the dome that has a platform where you can get a wonderful view of the surroundings.

6 - The Royal Palaceยถ

It was the residence of the kings of Spain being the largest palace in Western Europe, it is currently used for tourist visits and certain state ceremonies, from the Sabatini gardens you can take excellent photos of the palace and once inside you can see the royal rooms , its luxurious halls, the Royal Pharmacy and the impressive Royal Armory that has one of the most important collections in the world.

The Royal Palace

7 - The Temple of Debodยถ

This ancient Egyptian temple is more than 2200 years old, it is a beautiful place that Egypt gave to Spain where you can contemplate the best sunsets and from its viewpoint you can glimpse the Royal Palace, the Casa de Campo and the Almudena Cathedral .

8 - The Plaza Espaรฑaยถ

This square is loaded with monuments and historic buildings such as the Casa Gallardo, the Cervantes monument, the Tower of Madrid with its 142 meters high, the building of the Asturian Mining Company and the imposing Spain Building, on its roof there is the Hotel Riu Plaza Espaรฑa and where you will have stunning 360ยฐ panoramic views of all of Madrid.

9 - The Great Wayยถ

It is the most famous street in Madrid where the largest shopping centers are located, it is also famous for its theaters where you will find the best musicals and works of the moment.

10 - Cibeles Squareยถ

There you will find the beautiful Cibeles fountain where the Real Madrid titles are held, you can see the car pulled by the lions of the goddess Cibeles, there are also the Buenavista Palace and the imposing Cibeles Palace where the town hall is housed .

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