⚖️ Sheriff Rick Grimes is an Idiot

Sheriff Rick Grimes, the lead character, is a fuckin moron. Millions of fans are on #TeamGrimes and cheering for Rick.

It says something disturbing that these idiots think he’s a hero. the person may be a walking, talking mass of empty rhetoric, bogus moral posturing, flawed logic, and cognitive errors.

Granted, it’s always possible that during this season Sheriff Grimes will redeem himself. Hope springs eternal. My comments here only apply to his leadership during the primary four seasons.

But as I watched them, I spotted that you simply could learn a lot from “The Walking Dead. If you wish to succeed, just ask yourself, “What would Rick Grimes do?” - afterward you go and do the entire opposite.

Don’t believe me?

Here are some great lessons.

‘Busy’ doesn’t mean ‘productive’ Rick Grimes is busy. Busy. Always so damn busy!

He’s leading a team bursting into an abandoned house in search of food—any food, including pet food. Crash! He’s leading his hapless followers into a darkened corridor to flush out the zombies. Zoom! They’re demolishing the highway to hide.

The only problem: plenty of the activity is wasted…and a number of it’s downright counterproductive.

For instance, dark, enclosed spaces are precisely the places you would like to avoid. The undead just likes to lurk within the dark then leap out and bite you, costing you a limb, or even your life.

All this action is great TV—and terrible management. Sheriff Grimes isn’t alone in his error. Too many folks confuse mere activity with acting. There aren’t any prizes for being busy.

Understand your mission “I’m keeping us safe,” boasts Rick Grimes, while people drop around him like flies. “I’m keeping us together,” he adds. But to what end?

Rick Grimes lurches between objectives and bounces between crises.

He offers no discernible moral or system. One minute he’s fastidiously respecting property rights. The other minute he’s torturing a prisoner for no obvious reason.

No wonder such a lot of around him ask why they must even bother staying alive.

Don’t overlook the plain If you’re searching for a lost child, shouldn’t you look inside that big barn across the field?

If you’re in an exceedingly big government scientific center jam-choked with dangerous biohazardous materials, and there’s a large red punch in the wall counting right down to zero hours, shouldn’t you ask the one remaining scientist within the place—a man who seems to be ominously, serenely dead along with his maker—what the fuck is happening?

The devil is within the details, some people say. Really? the small print has its place—but go searching and it’s amazing what percentage of people and projects and firms fail because people neglected the few really big, really simple, really obvious decisions. Often, they’re too swamped by the main points to seem at the picture. Bad choice.

Learn from the experience Rick Grimes and his followers got too complacent at the farm. They didn’t take enough steps to safeguard themselves. They didn’t dig ditches, erect fortifications, or maybe pack a go-bag. Bad move. When a herd of zombies suddenly attacked, they’d escape, empty-handed. “We won’t make the identical mistakes again,” vowed Sheriff Grimes. Soon afterward they moved into an abandoned prison. where they didn’t dig ditches, erect fortifications, or pack a go-bag. You’ll be amazed at what happened next. So were they. Wall Street traders have a good old saying, as a money manager and financial blogger Barry Ritholtz likes to remind us: “It’s alright to be wrong; it’s not alright to stay wrong.” The key division in life isn’t between folks that make mistakes and other people who don’t, it’s between those that learn from them and people who are too stubborn, foolish, or proud to try and do so.

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Mujahid Al-Majali, a 29-year-old former air force soldier and an economic development and business specialist, also does translation and copywriting. Loves long drives, chill music and old school movies. A nicotine addict and a huge fan of Jack Daniel’s whiskey. Owned multiple businesses in Amman and southern of Jordan PRE-COVID and now focusing on translation and copywriting part of my experience through Upwork.