๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡พ Montevideoยถ

Montevideo in the capital of Uruguay and is one of the most welcoming and quiet cities in South America, there are almost no traffic jams and you can walk calmly through the city, in addition to its bookstores and markets that give it a very special touch.


Montevideo is a city that is very well located geographically, since it is halfway to the main tourist attractions in Uruguay. If you decide to get to know this city, we will guide you through its main tourist attractions and the best things you can do and see in this beautiful capital.

Intendancy viewpointยถ

If you want to have a panoramic view of Montevideo, one of the best places for it is the Mirador de la Intendencia, since not only is there a 22nd floor but it is also totally free.

July 18 Avenueยถ

It is the main avenue of the city and the best places to visit are near Avenida 18 de Julio. Although it is true that this road is somewhat gray, you can find many restaurants and shops.

Independence Squareยถ

Around this square are most of the tourist sites of Montevideo and separates Avenida 18 de Julio from the historic center of the city. In the center there is a statue of the liberator of Uruguay Josรฉ Gervasio Artigas and below the monument is the mausoleum built in his honor.

Independence Square

Palace Savedยถ

This palace is the emblem of Montevideo and is one of the best visits you can make in this capital. Although it is true that it was designed to be a hotel, this business could never materialize and currently they are spectacular apartments where you can stay.

Palace Saved

Rambla of Montevideoยถ

La Rambla de Montevideo is a maritime promenade of approximately 20 km long, which borders the coast that goes from Ciudad Vieja to Carrasco. It is a quite pleasant walk where you can glimpse several beaches and parks, among which is the Parque Rodรณ.

Beaches in Montevideoยถ

The busiest beaches in Montevideo are between Ciudad Vieja and Carrasco, the main ones are: Playa Ramรญrez, Playa de los Pocitos, Playa Buceo, Playa Brava, Playa Malvin, Playa Honda, Playa Verde, Playa de los Ingleses, Playa Carrasco and Playa the mulatto Although it is true that these beaches have a brown color, it does not mean that they are polluted, but rather that Montevideo is very close to where the Rรญo de la Plata empties and drags some land.

Parque Rodรณ and the Summer Theaterยถ

Parque Rodรณ is on the Rambla very close to Playa Ramรญrez and is a fairly large park where you will find a pond, as well as the Summer Theater. If you travel to Montevideo between the months of December and February, the recommendation is to find out if there is any performance in this theater, since it is one of the best things to see in the city.

Legislative Palaceยถ

The Parliament of Uruguay has its headquarters in the Legislative Palace and the recommendation is to visit it at 7:00 p.m. since that is when the flag is lowered, you will be able to see a group of soldiers in a ceremonial act where they take the flag, fold it and they take it away If you have the opportunity to take a guided tour, it is the best way to get the historical details of each of the rooms of the Palace. Then you can visit the Montevideo Agricultural Market which is located about 10 minutes from the Legislative Palace.

Dr. Tristรกn Navaja Marketยถ

This is one of the most famous markets in Montevideo and takes place every Sunday on Dr. Tristรกn Navaja street in the Cordรณn neighborhood. There you can find everything you canโ€™t imagine, from vegetables to books, through furniture, antiques, animals, music, clothes and more.

Where to eat in Montevideoยถ

Uruguayans are specialists in good food and drink, they have the most refined culinary taste. To have a Madrid sandwich and some delicious churros with chocolate for breakfast, the most recommended is the Facal cafeteria on Avenida 18 de Julio or have breakfast at a well-known hotel chain called La Pasiva, where you can find very complete breakfasts at a very low price. .

We advise you to try the authentic Uruguayan asado in the Mercado del Puerto, which, although the prices are a little higher than average because it is very tourist-oriented, is really worth it. You can also have lunch or dinner at Mercado Ferrando, where there is an old furniture factory that today is a gastronomic market. There you can eat from Hawaiian food, through authentic Mexican tacos to taste Basque pintxos.

In Ciudad Vieja in Plaza Constituciรณn there is a restaurant called Aperitivo en La Corte, which is an ideal place to enjoy a good Uruguayan wine with a table of simply delicious cheeses and sausages.

In the Old City itself, we recommend you have a coffee at La Farmacia, which although it is currently a cafeteria, it was a pharmacy between 1890 and 2007, but it still retains the aesthetics of a pharmacy in its old days.

Bookstores that are also coffee shops are a peculiarity of Uruguay, so specifically in the Escaramuza bookstore it is highly recommended to have a coffee.

If you want to have a snack, the recommendation is to try the pastries of a cafeteria located in the Carrasco neighborhood, which is a place with a very pleasant, cozy garden and sweets from another world.

The places to visit in Montevideo at nightยถ

Although it is true that this city does not have an impressive nightlife, you can have some spectacular craft beers at the Mercado Agrรญcola de Montevideo or at Mala Fama. You can also have dinner at Chivipizza, which is an artistic, modern and cozy space in the Carrasco neighborhood, which is characterized as the most luxurious neighborhood in the city.

The other recommended place is to have dinner at La Pulperรญa where you can enjoy a delicious Uruguayan barbecue in this small tavern, far from the tourist crowd.

Remember that one of the best recommendations for going out at night is to see a show at the fabulous Summer Theater.

Uruguay is a city to live and enjoy, its pleasant atmosphere, dishes are delicious and Uruguayans are wonderful people.

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