🐗 Moscow

Prepare the Vodka cause we’re about to dive in to Mother Russia!

The first stop in the former Soviet Union. It is the U point up on Sparrow Hill, overlooking all the city of Moscow. Never take the wrong Metro station to get there because you’ll be more than lost and probably never seen again! Just kidding!

Welcome to the Red Square here in Moscow! Now, the Red Square is the main central square, with festivals, demonstrations, parades, you name it.

It has become more of a central gatherings place for all Mosconians… Moscownians, Musconites, Moscanites? I don’t know, “the people who live in Moscow!”.

It’s actually home to the Kremlin, that is where the government of Russia is, the president. It’s also home to St. Basil’s Cathedral, that magnificent building of The State Museum, which has the history of Russia.

about visiting Russia, one thing you really have to say is: don’t prejudge Russia. Whatever you hear in the news, and all these kinds of stuff. There’re so many people and media out there saying bad stuff about Russia. Don’t believe and judge for yourself!

It is a wonderful place to visit so don’t be influenced by that stuff. Come explore for yourself.

You really want to go and explore this beautiful country, Moscow to be precise!

Also, another thing you should be careful about is: do not lose - don’t lose! - your registration card. When you come into Russia, they’re going to give you like an immigration card they’ll fill out. You need that when you leave. If you don’t have that it can cause some trouble. So, make sure you don’t forget it. Don’t think “Oh, it’s just a piece of paper, whatever!” Don’t forget it, okay!

Moscow is expensive. Whether it’s the visas, the hotels, restaurants, stuff like that, you will spend a lot as a foreigner here. And kind-of going along with that is: don’t get upset if you see two different prices and you as the traveler have to pay a higher price, because some museums in places actually have two set of prices, one for locals and one for foreigners. So don’t get upset by it, but just realize that sometimes you are going to pay more and don’t try to weasel your way out of it, coz they know if you’re a local or not. Don’t f@#k with the cops or any kind of the government officials when you are in Moscow. don’t stare at the cops, don’t take pictures of the cops, don’t ask them things because they have to help you, you don’t want to give them a reason to ask for your documents and stuff like that, okay, so just don’t mess with the police when you are there.

Visit All the Churches! Churches? Oh well… its churches, whatever!” Man, come into the Russian Orthodox churches with the icons, the gold, the silver, and everything, it just blows your mind, whether you’re going to Saint Basil’s or the “spilled blood” church here, I mean, there’s so many amazing churches throughout the country. Don’t skip those, but also don’t wear a hat when you’re there. But if you are a woman: do cover your head, because, it’s an orthodox country, they’re conservative, so you want to show respect for that.

Russians are badass cold-hearted people who drink Vodka and eat bears! Don’t assume the Russians are cold-hearted kind of people. If you get to know Russians, they really warm up to you. I mean, I can’t tell you how many times I heard from friends how “Babushkas” have taken them in and made them their cabbage rolls, don’t be scared of that language as well.

Learn some of their culture and even their superstitions! it really opens up the people, don’t shake hands over the threshold, don’t give flowers in even numbers, just so, you know, it makes things a little bit better.

Weird, I know. But this is Russia!

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Mujahid Al-Majali, a 29-year-old former air force soldier and an economic development and business specialist, also does translation and copywriting. Loves long drives, chill music and old school movies. A nicotine addict and a huge fan of Jack Daniel’s whiskey. Owned multiple businesses in Amman and southern of Jordan PRE-COVID and now focusing on translation and copywriting part of my experience through UpWork.