🏝️ Pattaya

is a city on the East Coast of the Gulf of Thailand about 100 kilometers south-east of Bangkok, It is a place that has beautiful temples, stunning beaches and so many activities to get involved in, making it a great place to visit.

A quiet fishing village as recently as the 1960s, this city has it all, whether you love shopping, culture, history, entertainment, dining or the bar scene, there’s something for everybody.

Here are some of the best sites to visit if you’re into good old tourism where you like stuff such as ancient sites, beaches, and other activities normal tourists do, cause you know, this is Pattaya after all, and if you no nothing about what it’s famous for, you gonna wait till the end of this article to figure it out!

  • The Sanctuary of Truth

is located in the Naklua area of Pattaya, a small way out of town on a spectacular piece of coastline with a great view. Built entirely of wood, the detail and craftsmanship that has gone into the temple is simply breathtaking.

Ornate carvings and sculptures are based on traditional Buddhist and Hindu symbols, and the high peak of the building reaches an impressive 105 meters.

  • Coral Island

Nicknamed Coral Island, this small island is officially named Ko Lan and is situated 7.5 kilometers off the coast of Pattaya.This is a place that you could happily spend a day, relaxing on the beach, swimming in the clear waters or enjoying all the fun water-based activities that are available. There’s a selection of different beaches to choose from and a quaint little town with local restaurants and shops. Getting to Coral Island is easy and cheap from Pattaya and ferries depart and return regularly throughout the day.

  • The Big Buddha

The Big Buddha at Wat Khao Phra Bat temple is one of Pattaya’s most striking landmarks. Located just south of Pattaya, the enormous golden coloured statue is 18 meters high and was constructed in 1977.

The Buddha sits at the top of a grand set of shallow steps and is the focal point of the small temple situated on the top of the hill. The location provides some of the best views in Pattaya, with a panorama over practically the entire city and the scenic crescent-shaped bay.

It’s also rich with bars and clubs where you can party all day and night!

But, the main thing Thailand and specifically Pattaya known for is:

Sex tourism! It remains a sizeable chunk of Thailand’s overall tourism trade, and there’s thought to be tens of thousands of sex workers operating in Pattaya alone, which has led to it being dubbed the sex capital of the world by various publications.

The red-light district is covered in various go-go bars, each featuring dancers in varying stages of undress performing for the crowd. After sitting down at a bar, it’s typical for women to join you and ask for “lady drinks”, though this isn’t something you’re obliged to get involved in and it’s fine to tell them no. Baccara A Go Go is one of the most popular bars on the strip, along with Airport Club, where guests can enjoy regular shows by dancers on their stages. Alcatraz is also a popular bar and, in keeping with its name and the atmosphere of the city, features prison cells and handcuffs that can really get pulses racing.


All along walking street, you’ll meet hundreds of people enticing you into their venues, whether it’s for harmless fun, transgender shows or bars, or with something a little smuttier in mind. Much like on Khaosan Road in Bangkok, you’ll meet people offering to take you to all manner of shows, such as the infamous “pingpong show”, which can get irritating but it’s to be expected in such a place. Many massage shops are also quick to offer the “happy endings” that are often joked about at home.

You may be surprised to learn that, given the reputation of Pattaya and the open nature with which sex is sold on the street, sex work is illegal in Thailand. Nevertheless, that doesn’t stop it from happening – though it’s not just as simple as picking someone up and leaving. “Bar fines” are paid to the bar to take an employee out of work, which are kept by the bar, and then a price for whatever services one might want to purchase is negotiated between the people involved. Many workers earn low salaries and depend on customers to help make ends meet – whether it’s through sex work or the selling of “lady drinks”; drinks that are bought for an employee, of which they keep half of the price of the drink for themselves.

The most famous prostitute road in Pattaya is Beach Front also known as Promenade.

You can find hookers 24/7 here, but the best time to visit is after sunset. They are standing on the side road waiting for customers, usually playing with their phones.

If you like a girl, don’t hesitate, just say “hi” and start a conversation. Then ask what is the price for either a short time or all night. Usually, the prostitutes in Beach Road prefer to go for a short time, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find hookers for the whole night.

Be aware of the many ladyboys in Beach Front, easy to spot because they are very aggressive in trying to “boom boom” you. The typical prices are less than 1.000 baht for short time and 1.500 baht for all night.

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