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Collaboration with Discord Servers, GitHub, Free Education Gamifiedยถ

My good friend Max and mainly myself promote free education, and we heavily use both Discord and GitHub for mass collaboration. We have a few GitHub Organizations with over 100+ team members. And in our two main Discord Servers we have over 100+ members.

We find younger developers come from the Windows 10 environment where paid software tools are common. Paid software is extremely expensive and even more so for users in poorer countries where GDP is lower. When software first came on the scene it was in the form of a disk. Over the years many tools arose to copy disks and get around copyright. These days software licensing is much more advanced and is usually paid monthly or annually and most software is downloaded.

GNU is a Unix-like operating system and Open Source is more about collaboration than code. GNU is completely free software and the GNU OS kernel Hurd started before the Linux kernel. GNU Hurd was in 1984. And Linux was in 1991.

And therefore the concept of heavily collaborating is really learning and sharing and free education. Everyone has the right to free education. In some of the most recent years Octoverse reports mainly students and mentors have been joining GitHub.

These days there are many alternatives to paid software and both Linux and GNU have a plethora of tools that are all free.

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