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As in the state of Arizona in general, the Town of Chino Valley is also diverse, but I would say that Chino Valley’s politics lean quite heavily toward the Right, the more conservative side of the political spectrum. I have no reference for this assertion other than the fact that I have lived in Chino Valley since 2006 and I DO pay attention to these things. I also feel that the subject of politics might be more important in this case simply because it does seem to affect our lives here more than in some other locations.

Before I proceed with examples of my assertion, I should note that among the many acquaintances I have made here in CV, the overwhelming majority of them, including the conservatives, are very friendly and kind people.

Even though it has been six months since our nation elected Joe Biden as President, I still see the occasional truck or car with a big Trump/Pence flag or sticker and just last week I noticed a neighbor finally took down his huge Trump/Pence sign from the front of his house.

The Town Council seems to make its decisions based on normal American Republican Party preferences, favoring big businesses and those with money, rather than those who actually work for a living. A case in point is a recent decision to allow development of new homes surrounding the park in the very center of our subdivision, even though that is contrary to the stated goals of the Town (maintenance of Open Space), common sense safety concerns, and also contrary to the plan of the subdivision as stated when most of us purchased our homes some years ago.

I see other signs of conservatism whenever I am out and about in town. It is not unusual to see a person carrying a weapon openly when I’m shopping. Guns are often worn and so are large knives. I simply do not understand why one would feel the need to be openly armed when shopping. That’s because I’m NOT a conservative. I also see MOST local citizens carrying out their business without wearing a mask to prevent their infection or them spreading COVID- 19. More conservatives scorn this preventative tool than do liberals. Bumper stickers supporting conservative views in subtle and very “in your face” language are common. I consider myself to be a little bit courageous by displaying my “Proud Democrat” bumper sticker.

Why am I taking up so much space discussing local politics? It’s simply because it seems to be so important to so many of my fellow local citizens. I believe that many of them are fearful that they are in danger of losing the “American way of life”, and to me, that is a sad thing. I also find it sad that THEY are making ME afraid that THEY cannot accept something so simple and American as a change of leadership due to the results of an election. OK, that’s it. I said what I had to say. My Democrat neighbors and I know who we are and we DO peacefully coexist with our Republican neighbors.

What do I like about Chino Valley? Pretty much everything else. Most people here are very thoughtful and considerate of each other. The views are beautiful. We have mountains to the east and to the west. About 80 miles away to the Northeast, are the San Francisco Peaks. One of the three pinnacles is Humphreys Peak, the tallest mountain in Arizona. “The Peaks” are visible from CV on most days, sometimes snowcapped. The weather is generally moderate and almost always easily tolerated. We have very little obvious pollution. We have most of the services, supplies and restaurants/bars that we need and when we do need to travel, many more choices are only about 20 miles away. We have only one supermarket though. We COULD use a little competition to keep prices down.

The ambiance in Chino Valley is decidedly “Western” (USA jargon implying “cowboy style”). That’s fine with me. From the time I was about eight years old, until I was almost 60, I lived in Colorado, the majority of that time in the mountains, NOT in a city. My first job was working in a stables, guiding tourists around the surrounding mountains on horseback and tending to the horses. So, I usually feel quite comfortable in my Arizona home.

Much of the wildlife I mentioned in my article on Arizona, can be found within the town limits of Chino Valley. We literally have cattle pastures to the right and the left within walking distance of our house. We often walk our dog there (we walk every morning) and that is where I have seen Coyotes, endangered Mexican Gray Wolves, Pronghorn Antelope, and also snakes and tarantulas, MMWWAAHAHAHA.… Pronghorns are “the fastest land animal in North America” and watching them run is fascinating. They run effortlessly for long distances.

To wrap it all up, living in Chino Valley is like living in a town, just barely, and like ALMOST living in the wild. We REALLY enjoy that.

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Harley Armentrout is a happy husband and father, former silversmith, aerospace electronics prototype assembler, test, calibration & repair technician, also writing test procedures at BallAerospace. Then 21 years in the gaming industry, in a range of positions, culminated as a Gaming Inspector, observing and reporting on rules violations, safety issues and criminal activities for the Yavapai Prescott Indian Tribe. After “retiring” Harley taught himself a few graphic design skills and he works as a freelance designer.