๐ŸŽฒ How to Really Enjoy Casino Gamingยถ

First things first - Why should you listen to me? I worked on casino floors, in operations, technical, and regulatory positions, talking with gamblers for 21 years. Iโ€™ve heard it (and seen it) all. I know how things work in the business but I was not a manager, so people were quite open with me.

The reality is that you will probably NOT win. You KNOW this! Casinos must make a profit to be able to provide you with all of the atmosphere that you enjoy, so they will take more than they give. But to keep you coming back, they must make that enjoyable atmosphere compelling, so just be aware that the whole idea is to make the experience addictive.

You will be treated to some small wins from time to time, and to lots of exciting sights and sounds, entertainment, Woo Hoo! Good food will be available, and many of the employees will be attractive and charming, whether you are a man or a woman. Some folks will win BIG and there will be lots of noise and employees congratulating them, but in the long run YOU will probably lose. THAT is a fact but the key word is probably. Because you know that, the atmosphere is designed to make you think YOU will be the next winner.

The key for you is to enjoy all that the casino is providing and treat it like any other entertainment experience. Before you leave the house, you normally decide how much you will be spending, right? Are you going to a movie or to a Broadway play, to McDonalds or to a French restaurant with wait staff in dress clothes? Make that spending decision and stick to it.

Since the casino offers a โ€œMcDonalds planโ€ and/or a โ€œFour Seasons planโ€ you can customize your own experience but YOU must make the decision. You can play nickel slots or dollar slots. You can play Black Jack or sit at a high stakes poker table. The dealer will give you sexy looks possibly. Often you can enjoy live music or a floor show, your choice, but stick to your plan!

Oh yeah, you can drink any grade of alcohol you want as well. Be careful - DUH! If you stick to your plan, well, youโ€™ll be able to afford to do it again someday soon. Just keep in mind that what youโ€™re enjoying is the ENTERTAINMENT, not a guarantee or even the likelihood of a big win.

I knew a blue collar, hard working motorcycle club member who lost his home, and a very nice, normal, married algebra teacher who lost her home. If it can happen to them, it can happen to you, so decide what you can afford and go out for that kind of evening, lunch, or whatever, but stick to the plan and be happy with the entertainment that you get.

You might even meet other people whose company you enjoy, people who enjoy activities other than gambling. Hey, maybe you can all go water skiing, bowling, or somethingโ€ฆ

About the Authorยถ

Harley Armentrout is a happy husband and father, former silversmith, aerospace electronics prototype assembler, test, calibration & repair technician, also writing test procedures at BallAerospace. Then 21 years in the gaming industry, in a range of positions, culminated as a Gaming Inspector, observing and reporting on rules violations, safety issues and criminal activities for the Yavapai Prescott Indian Tribe. After โ€œretiringโ€ Harley taught himself a few graphic design skills and he works as a freelance designer.