๐Ÿ’ฅ Top 4 VS Code extensions every developer should useยถ

What is VS Code?ยถ

Visual Studio Code is a text editor which is open source i.e., free to use, and it is made by Microsoft. VS Codeโ€™s simplicity and easy to use features makes itself favourite choice for the developers. It has a feature through which you can install the extensions according to your needs. Therefore, these extensions are also open source and are made by the developers for the community. Here are some of the extensions which are going to increase your productivity as a developer:

1. Live Serverยถ

This is an extension which makes a local server enabling the user to see all the characteristics of the app. It works perfectly for both dynamic and static web pages. We can open the live server by right-clicking on the mouse while VS Code is running behind and then selecting the Open with Live Server option.

2. Prettierยถ

Prettier is a code formatting extension therefore it helps you to clean and format the code automatically. It does the work every time whenever someone saves the work in VS code and therefore reduces the time of formatting. It is very useful whenever a team is working on some project as it leads to better and clear understanding of the code.

3. JavaScript Code Snippetsยถ

As the name suggests this extension gives you many JavaScript code snippets thus reducing time to set up the code. It provides different types of ES6 Snippets including arrays, DOM manipulation, etc.

4. Bracket Pair Colorizerยถ

This is one of the personal favourite extensions of mine. It includes simple functioning i.e, it matches starting and ending brackets in VS Code which eventually helps you to resolve the errors faster.

I think these much are extensions are enough for you to explore after this blog. I hope I am helping the community through this blog.

About the Authorยถ

Pulkit Govrani is an aspiring Web Developer who loves to share his knowledge through various blogs and tutorials. He has solved lots of programming problems which has given him enormous amount of learning.