๐ŸŒ‡ Limaยถ

Lima is the capital of Peru and is located in a privileged position towards the shores of the Pacific Ocean. In this city, colonial architecture is mixed with the most modern buildings and Peruvian cuisine is among the best in the world. We will give you a guide with the most iconic sites that the Peruvian capital has.

Lima City

Main Squareยถ

The Square Weapons is located in the heart of the historic center and it was there that Francisco Pizarro founded the city in 1535, it is surrounded by important buildings such as the Cathedral, the Archbishopโ€™s Palace, the Government Palace and the Sagrario Church. This spacious square is a meeting point for locals and tourists who gather around a beautiful fountain. In the surroundings you can find endless restaurants where you can try a delicious ceviche (fresh fish marinated in lemon juice), perhaps a seafood soup called Parihuela or other dishes based on fish and shellfish, which are the main base of Peruvian cuisine.

Main Square

Love Parkยถ

The Parque del Amor is located in the neighborhood of Miraflores, it was inaugurated in 1993 on Valentineโ€™s Day in honor of lovers. In a perfect place to walk and you will be able to observe its benches made with colored mosaics, which in some way evoke Park Gรผell in Barcelona. You can also read different phrases written by famous poets dedicated to love, see the sculpture โ€œEl besoโ€ by the famous Peruvian Victor Delfin and a heart-shaped garden made with flowers.

Huaca Pullcanaยถ

Huaca Pullcana is an archaeological zone where a pre-Inca civilization existed between 200 and 700 AD, it was abandoned for centuries and was not recovered until 1967, after years of restoration it is currently one of the cityโ€™s greatest tourist attractions.

This archaeological complex has a pyramid shape and reaches a height of 25 meters, it is made up of a set of patios, squares and structures that belonged to this culture. The recommendation is to go up to the highest part of the pyramid on the seventh floor, from where you can see curious views of the ruins with modern buildings around them.

Huaca Pullcana

Barranco neighborhoodยถ

Barranco neighborhood is an old fishing village that is currently the bohemian neighborhood of the city, it is worth walking along San Martรญn avenue with its residential buildings, hotels, art galleries and the beautiful Barranco square, you will also see a series of murals that they are a reflection of his urban art. The other recommendation is to go to the boardwalk to have fantastic views of the sea.

Cathedral Basilica of Limaยถ

On one of the sides of the Plaza de Armas is the Basilica Cathedral of Lima and it is the most important temple in the country. On the outside you can see several intermingled styles, since its facade with its plateresque details is Renaissance, its towers are neoclassical, while inside you can see the ceiling recreated from a starry sky with baroque, neoclassical and Renaissance styles in its decoration, you can also see 13 beautiful chapels full of details, the beautiful Choir Stairs and the Crypt of the founder of Lima Francisco Pizarro.


Bordering the Miraflores boardwalk is a 5-kilometer promenade that sits on a cliff above the famous Costa Verde, with excellent views of the Pacific Ocean. In the northern section of the pier you can see a lighthouse and a marina, where you can get the best perspectives, and then continue along the walk stopping at its beautiful parks until you reach the most famous shopping center in the city called Larcomar. Some locals in the surrounding area offer you a paragliding flight to skirt the coast of Lima and also a bike tour that includes a guide in Spanish.


Saint Francis Monasteryยถ

Located near the Plaza de Armas is the San Francisco Monastery, famous for its incredible library, where you can see thousands of ancient texts including some that are from the time of the Spanish conquest. The monastery has a basilica and a high altar in the neoclassical style, a beautiful sacristy, a cloister and a chapter house. It is also well known for its immense catacombs, where approximately 70,000 corpses rest.

Magical Water Circuitยถ

The Magic Water Circuit also called Reserve Park is located in the southern part of the old town and has 13 fountains whose water jets are completely synchronized with lights of different colors, for obvious reasons, the recommendation is to go at night to enjoy the beautiful show.

San Martin Squareยถ

As you walk through the old town, you will surely at some point pass through San Martรญn Square, which is definitely one of the most atmospheric places in the city. Several historic buildings are concentrated in this square, such as the Gran Hotel Bolรญvar, the Giacoletti building, the Colรณn Theater and in the center of the square there is a statue erected in honor of General San Martรญn, who was the manager of the independence of Peru. Nearby is also Jirรณn de la Uniรณn street that leaves the Plaza de Armas, this is considered one of the most commercial streets in the city, where you can find a whole range of items to buy. In the surroundings of the square you can have a few drinks and taste Peruvian cuisine until the wee hours of the morning.

Lima is one of the most beautiful capitals in South America, full of history and interesting places to show.

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