๐ŸฅŠ The Fight Clubยถ

This film is narrated by its protagonist who is a man who works as an expert for a certain automobile company, he is from the upper middle class and his real name is never known. He is a lonely being who tries to fill his existential emptiness by decorating his expensive house and buying designer clothes. He has suffered from terrible insomnia for six months and as a result his mental health is weakened, so he decides to consult his doctor in order to prescribe some sleeping pills, but the specialist refuses and invites him to attend meetings of support for cancer victims and thus become aware of true human suffering.

The already desperate protagonist attends the meeting posing as a sick person, but seeing the pain of those people he vents and cries in such a way that he finally manages to sleep that night. It is at that moment that he becomes addicted to whatever support group there is for different illnesses.

The protagonist meets Marla Singer who is a mysterious woman who usually smokes in all the meetings at the back of the room. He realizes that it is the presence of another impostor that begins to disturb him within the support groups, so he confronts her and they both admit her charade, so they decide to exchange phone numbers and share the support groups.

While returning from a business trip he casually meets Tyler Durden on the plane, who is a soap maker whose life philosophy is quite unique, to the point that it intrigues and impresses him. After this scene, the main narrator arrives at his house to find out that he lost all his belongings, as there was an explosion inside his apartment and he ends up calling Tyler.

When the two meet, they start a conversation about the current lifestyle, consumerism and capitalism. It is when Tyler challenges the protagonist to hit him with his maximum force and the somewhat confused narrator accepts the challenge. After the fight, both characters feel euphoric and that is when Tyler invites the protagonist to live in his house. This fact becomes more and more frequent and more men begin to arrive who are included in the fight and that is how the fight club is born.

The Fight Club

Marla calls the narrator on the phone appearing again on the scene and this occurs after she has consumed an overdose of pills and in her suicide attempt, she cries out for her help. The narrator ignores the matter and leaves the phone off the hook, but the next morning and to his surprise, he finds that the girl spent the night at his house. How could this be possible? To later discover that Tyler took the phone, he talked to Marla and not only brought her to her house but also had sex with her.

As the film progresses, the fight club gains more and more participants, to the point that it spreads over several cities and Tyler is the one who leads it. Over time, men willing to fanatically and blindly follow the leaderโ€™s orders begin to appear, and that is when Project Chaos arises, where an anarchist group provokes acts of violence and vandalism throughout the city.

Then Tyler disappears and the narrator chases him across the country in order to stop the cycle of destruction carried out by his soldiers and he has a strange feeling of having known all the places he goes and that is when one of the members of the fight club, reveals that Tyler Durder is really the narrator and protagonist of this film, that is, he confirms in a hotel room that they are both the same person. With this personality dissociation while the protagonist sleeps, Tyler takes possession of his body to set his plan of action in motion.

Realizing this, the narrator reveals his objectives to the police, but his other personality has accomplices everywhere, so he causes the explosion of several credit companies where all the bank records are found and thus be able to free the population of all their debts. The two personalities fight for control and finally Tyler is shot by the narrator, who suddenly disappears. At the beginning of the film, the narrator can be seen as a man without a purpose in life, defeated, somewhat robotic and who fulfills all his obligations to society. He has a stable job and a house of his own filled with all the luxuries that anyone wants to have, however, he is completely unhappy and his condition causes him insomnia for so long.

Before meeting Tyler Durder during the flight, a monologue is heard in which the narrator deeply wants the plane to crash, he is someone desperate for the routine that consumes him and it is precisely his encounter with Tyler that changes his life and encourages him. to live an experience that leaves behind everything that makes you feel cornered.

This shocking film also has renowned actors, the narrator is played by Edward Norton, while his other personality is played by Brad Pitt and Marla is played by actress Helena Bonham. Fight Club is based on a novel written by Chuck Palahniuk and 20th Century Fox producer Laura Ziskin has hired Jim Uhls to write the script and adapt it for film production. Four directors were considered for the making of the film and David Fincher was hired after multiple debates, thanks to his high enthusiasm for the project.

Fight Club received mixed reactions from critics and became one of the most controversial films of that year. Critics praised the direction, acting, messages and theme, however the explicit violence was highly debated as was the moral ambiguity. But without a doubt, it is one of the films that you have to see!

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