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Nu Jazz is Acid Jazz withouth the Acid.

Nu Jazz is one of the youngest electronic music trends. In terms of its origins, the acid jazz of the early nineties, some easy listening, house, trip hop and of course jazz such as Sun Ra (with his intergalactic band) was the starting point. James Blood Ulmerโ€™s concept of new harmology, projecting the shadow of change, the new wind direction. Eclecticism, eclecticism, eclecticism .. Everything can go with everything, endless fusions, John Coltrane with world music, funky Brazilian motifs, 1975 jazz-rock with broken beats, and more. Perhaps we canโ€™t talk about any style, just aspirations that fall into the nu jazz collector category. Their only common feature is that one way or another, but jazz is always present. Actual jazz musicians, of course, see this quite differently, they associate it with something completely different when they hear the โ€œnu jazzโ€ expression. This time Berlin is the place of birth and not the UK. It all started sometime in the second half of the nineties, in Jazzanovaโ€™s studio. House, downtempo, saxophones, Latin melodies, pleasant spins, champagne pops, beyond the rumble, the murmur: the boys had already composed post-millennium music before the millennium. The members of the renowned collective are: Jรผrgen von Knoblauch, Alexander Barck, Class Brieler (they are the record readers), Alex Reinemar, Stefan Leisering, Rosko Kretschmann (and they are the producers).

[Sun Ra Arkestra (All About Jazz)]

The best known label is Compost - including Les Gammas, the more abstract Kyoto Jazz Massive, Syrup and the Trรผby Trio, among others. But still the Jazzanova, or the Voom Voom (Peter Kruder and Fauna Flash) also help. The spirit of Vienna hauntedโ€ฆ Some selections include late pieces from Future Sound of Jazz, as well as Glรผcklichโ€™s opuses. Another prominent figure in the trend is the Italian Nicola Conte. His home pioneers are the Keyser-Shuriken duo.

There are other sonic markers that jazz scholars (yes, those exist) like to indicate as instrumental in the development of Nu Jazz including the works of Jon Hassel, Bugge Wesseltoft, and Miles Davis, because it always comes back to Miles Davis. But mostly it was 90s electronic-fusion that got the ball rolling. And because it sounded so different from the staunch traditional stuff of yore it could only be regarded as something new, or Nu. But not Gnu.

Labels who had supported Acid Jazz and other forms of Downtempo had no problem getting up on that Nu Jazz business (Wall Of Sound, Ninja Tune, Qaungo, Acid Jazz).

You can find more details about its formation and development on Ishkurโ€™s Guide to Electronic Music, and you can listen to nu jazz music right away. http://music.ishkur.com/?query=NuJazz#

The Every Noise at Once platform provides an opportunity for people to get to know better the names of the creators who have ever been in the genre and thus the peculiarities of it. https://everynoise.com/everynoise1d.cgi?root=nu jazz&scope=all

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