๐Ÿ‡ช๐Ÿ‡ธ Saragossaยถ

This city in Spain has more than 2000 years of history and is bathed by the Ebro River. Zaragoza has an excellent nightlife and delicious gastronomic dishes such as Zaragoza-style loin, migas, Aragรณn ternasco and borage with potatoes. The city has a more cosmopolitan part and a more traditional part, such as its famous Basilica del Pilar.


If you plan to get to know Zaragoza, in this article we are going to indicate the essential places to see, so that you do not miss the most important things.

Basilica of Our Lady of the Pillarยถ

The Basilica of Our Lady of the Pillar is the first Marian temple that exists in Christianity, this Baroque jewel is an important pilgrimage site since, according to tradition, the Virgin appeared on a jasper column in this place in the year 40 AD. C. and many come to see the image of the Virgin. However, non-believers can also observe its impressive exterior, which has 11 domes with glazed tiles of different colors, the Altarpiece of the High Altar, the Humilladero, the Choir, two paintings by Francisco de Goya and the Holy Chapel, which contains inside the wooden carving of the Virgin. Finally, you can enjoy unusual views of the city from the top of the Tower of the Pillar, you can also see the Ebro river, the domes of the basilica and you can go up by elevator.

Basilica of Our Lady of the Pillar

Pillar Squareยถ

Opposite the basilica is Pillar Square, which is a meeting point for locals and tourists, where you can see some of its historic buildings such as La Lonja and the Town Hall (both in Renaissance style) and the Church of San Juan de los pancakes The square also has beautiful monuments such as the one dedicated to Francisco de Goya, La Bola del Mundo, which is a figure made to commemorate the discovery of America, and lastly, La Fuente de la Hispanidad, which contains the map of the Americas, only can be seen in its entirety from the top of the Tower of the Pillar.

Aljaferia Palaceยถ

The Aljaferรญa Palace is known as the little Alhambra and was declared a World Heritage Site. It is a beautiful work of Islamic architecture built in the eleventh century, inside you can find typical horseshoe-shaped arches in the Arab style and charming rooms such as El Salรณn Dorado, the Torre del Trovador, the mosque, the patio of Santa Isabel, the Church of San Martรญn, The Throne Room and the Mudรฉjar Palace.

Aljaferia Palace

Cathedral of the Saviorยถ

The Salvador Cathedral located near the Basilica del Pilar was built on the aljama mosque and the old Roman forum in the 12th century. You will be impressed with this temple due to the excellent examples of Renaissance, Gothic, Mudejar, Baroque and Neoclassical art.

Cathedral of the Savior

Outside you can see the impressive Mudejar dome of the Chapel of San Miguel Arcรกngel, the baroque tower from the 18th century and the neoclassical faรงade. While inside you can see the Gothic main altarpiece, the Main Sacristy, the Parroquieta, the Choir and the organ.

The Tube of Zaragozaยถ

Going for drinks towards sunset in the Tubo area, which is located in the historic center of the city, is one of the best activities to do in Zaragoza. In its network of streets you will find many restaurants and places where you can taste the most traditional appetizers to accompany a drink, while enjoying an excellent atmosphere. You can try the delicious croquettes at Doรฑa Casta, order the cod skewer with the patatas bravas at the โ€œ7 Golpesโ€, the potato omelette at the Bar Circo, or taste the gastronomy at the Meli, among many others.

Saragossa Old Townยถ

In the old town you can find old medieval buildings, Roman remains, samples of the Aragonese Mudejar, see El Torreรณn de la Zuda, the old Roman wall and the old Muslim tower of the alcรกzar.

Later you can go down Calle Alfonso I until you reach Plaza San Felipe where you can see the Church of San Felipe and several Renaissance palaces around you. The Plaza de Espaรฑa will be the next stop, where you can see the headquarters of the Bank of Spain, the Palacio de la Diputaciรณn and the Monument to the Martyrs that is dedicated to the people who died in the War of Independence.

From this point you can go through a part of Calle de Corso and then go walking through places like Plaza de San Pedro Nolasco, where is the Church of La Magdalena with its Mudejar tower, the Theater of Caesaraugusta, the Goya Museum and the impressive Palacio de la Real Maestranza de Caballerรญa with its Renaissance style.

Finally, a few meters from the palace is El Arco and the Casa del Deรกn from the 13th century, which is definitely one of the best preserved works from medieval times, and the Plaza de Santa Marta.

Sunset from the Stone Bridgeยถ

The Stone Bridge was built in the 15th century and connects the Arrabal neighborhood with the historic center, from the middle of the bridge you will have some fantastic views of the Ebro River and that of the Pilar Basilica, the best time of day to visit this site It is towards sunset, in which you can have a panoramic view both day and night. Then you can go to the Balcรณn de San Lรกzaro and thus have a better perspective of the basilica and the bridge, both illuminated.

The Roman Saragossaยถ

The Roman remains that are preserved from the year 14 a. C. are from a colony founded by Emperor Caesar Augustus. The recommendation is to start with the Caesaraugusta Forum Museum where an audiovisual is projected explaining the history of the Romans in Zaragoza, and then visit the River Port Museum, continuing with the Public Baths Museum and finish the route with the Museum del Teatro, where you can see the stands of an old theater built in the 1st century AD. C. with a capacity of 6000 spectators and see the Roman sculptures.

Central Marketยถ

The Central Market was designed by the architect Fรฉlix Navarro Pรฉrez in 1895 inspired by Les Halles (a Parisian shopping center). Crossing its imposing neoclassical-style faรงade, you will find yourself inside the impressive iron and glass building, and then see a wide range of fresh products in the 74 stalls that the market houses.

Large Park Jose Antonio Labordetaยถ

Once you enter this park you will find Avenida San Sebastian, full of fountains and gardens that can remind you of the Palace of Versailles and will make you fall in love at first sight.

Other magical corners of this park are the Glorieta de la Princesa, the Bandstand, the marble statue of King Alfonso I, and the Botanical Garden with its species from different corners of the world.

In Zaragoza you can see a mixture of styles from different eras and cultures, which make it a very interesting city to visit.

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