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โ€œStrange style, many also dispute its self-existence, saying that it is a sub-genre of trance. It once undoubtedly started as a sub-genre, but by the end of the 1990s, it had moved so far away from its โ€œmotherโ€ that, despite the musical similarities, we could speak of a truly independent style. There are also obvious Indian influences in appearance - even the name of genre refers to the former Portuguese colony.

The initial authentic, โ€œsmall hotelโ€ spirit slowly turned into a huge business. Many see charlatanism, one of the manifestations of the Western manโ€™s inherited attraction to the dream mystery. They are partially right, as they forget that the trend known as Goa still creates real communities. And meanwhile, the music was pushed backwards, transformed, merged into the big whole: into visuals, into the kaleidoscopic carnival of costumes and scenery. On the other hand, the escape from the IT-electronic jungle of major European cities, or Israel, to the mere mystery of a barren full moon is sometimes anachronistic. Music quality - in inverse proportion to the growth of popularity indicators - is becoming more and more shallowโ€ฆโ€

โ€œIn the 80s the House explosion reached Indiaโ€™s western shores, specifically Acid House with its alien-sounding trippy synthlines that complimented psychedelic drugs like peanut butter and chocolate (and itโ€™s right there in the name). While a number of legendary Goa DJs will say they started the scene, the one who gave it that electronic edge was probably Goa Gil.โ€


โ€œWhatโ€™s more about historicity is that the most outstanding, really pioneering representative of the style was the Juno Reactor. Today, however, Goa is also adapting to the turn of the millennium: the numbers are becoming more and more eclectic, with more and more broken beats.โ€

Names to keep in mind for genre lovers:

Astral Projection, Doof, Darshan, Electric Universe, Etnica, Green Nuns, Lunar Asylium, Slinky Wizard, Transwave, Xenomorph, and many more.

You can find more details about its formation and development on Ishkurโ€™s Guide to Electronic Music, and you can listen to goa music right away.


The Every Noise at Once platform provides an opportunity for people to get to know better the names of the creators who have ever been in the genre and thus the peculiarities of it.

https://everynoise.com/everynoise1d.cgi?root=goa psytrance&scope=all

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โ€œGuido F. Matis (a.k.a. widosub), a seasoned producer-composer authority with an unquenchable compassion towards the musical expression, and many years of experience in the fields of event organizing, movie post-production, and recording with professional musicians. His devotion to movie sounds shows in his art - widosubโ€™s music is filled with landscapes of emotions, dramatic twists and melancholic moods. Heโ€™s one of the hosts of Tilos Rรกdiรณโ€™s MustBeat show, in which heโ€™s is focusing on drumโ€™nโ€™bass and chillout music. Heโ€™s also one half of the duo Empty Universe.โ€